Hi, I’m Chef Patrick Co.

The Fat Cow & Asian Cow is a product of a lot of things: Hard work, passion, creativity, belief and service. 

But what ties all those together into a clear and cohesive purpose is my unwavering love affair with food.

Having been exposed to different dishes and cooking methods during my culinary practice, building my own restaurant has always been my goal. My own spacious playing field to make room for my big and pushing approach on flavors.  At the age of 20, I was finally able to translate this dream into reality.

Since 2016, hundreds and thousands of plates already went out of the kitchen into our clients’ tables. The secret recipe. Excellence in everything we do and the drive to add more meaning to food.

 Our vision is to make people happy through great tasting food by delivering excellent service, continually strive for growth, exceeding expectations daily and to NEVER stop innovating.


“For me Davao cuisine is not limited to the ingredients, it’s about the personality of the city and the people cooking which will always reflect to be tough, strong and resilient. My style is always Flavorful, Bold and New. Which I think is like Davao City, always moving forward, learning from mistakes and always spearheading anything with out looking back,” Chef Patrick said.


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